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TAROM & PXCom introduce the interactive destination guides

In March this year, TAROM launched BYOD-based Inflight Entertainment and equipped 8 of its aircraft with AirFi Box. Since then, its international passengers enjoy a portfolio of content (videos, music, games, digital press), as well as PXCom’s interactive destination guides, both in English & Romanian. Such content are directly streamed to their own device.

Advertisers are also on board! The entertainment platform also integrates AirSAS, the only standalone inflight ad-serving solution, jointly developed by IMM International & PXCom. Hence, brands as well as local advertisers can design their digital inflight campaign, including passenger targeting, call to action and KPIs. Such opportunity immediately caught international brands’ interest.  

Since all the data are gathered in D+1 real time, we are pleased to share our interactive destination guides’ usage figures for June 2017.

interactive destination guides tarom pxcom pxstream numbers

Back office screen cast of PXCom (07/03/2017)

The main take away are:

  • 40% of total pax connect to the onboard enterainment platform
  • 3252: number of passengers that browsed the interactive destination guide
  • 15 min: Average time spend on the guide
  • Barcelona, Bucharest and Amsterdam are the top 3 destinations.
  • Doandsee” remains the top section in the guide, which confirms passengers interest in destination activities.

Based on this successful experience, the airline decided to equip its entire fleet. Before the end of the year, its 23 aircraft will fly equipped with this brand new interactive system.