PXCom stands for Passenger eXperience & Communication.
We live and work hard everyday to serve this goal.


PXCom’s founders, Olivier and Cyril initiated a new era in the airline media industry: A new inflight communication standard allowing marketers and brands to engage the passengers with digital content on the world’s largest airlines.

Just like you, at PXCom, we are excited to connect with travelers by providing them with a personalized inflight experience.

Airlines transport tourists,
we bring them to you!

PXCom is developing new technologies to transform the entertainment systems on-screen on board airlines (IFE), motor coaches, trains and ferries into interactive supports.

“With PXCom, we transform IFEs into an interactive media. High added value features are offered, such as the destination’s events’ calendar and city guides. Passengers on a flight to Paris will be able to find informations on the city bus tours or river cruises.”. – – explains Cyril Jean, Co-founder of PXCom.

PXCom is also,
the world leader of digital inflight advertising


We reach more than 149 000 000 passengers per year.

Margot ROUX - Content Manager

An unique cross-channel experience in the world.

Cristina VIGUERA - Country Manager

We fly to 596 destinations all over the world.

Linh NGUYEN - Customer Acquisition Manager

The contents are broadcasted on 249 489 flights a year..

Proud member of the

Airline Passenger Experience Association

Winner of the

Apex Cool Awards Winners 2016