Attract more tourists with your digital inflight advertising

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attract more tourists with planes

50 000 passengers are connected to our solutions every day!


have a smartphone as a traveling companion

Eurowings, 2016


has not completely planned their trip before boarding

APEA, 2015


are interested in a digital destination guide on board

UNWTO, 2015


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3 ways to catch the tourists interest

Be an unmissable activity at their destination

Engage even more travelers tablet

Onboard Destination Guide

Your business in the world’s most updated city guide

An exclusive page in the section of your choice: Do&See, Shopping, Tours, etc. promotes your business through a slideshow or video, descriptions, a map and useful information.

A call-to-action button sends your offer to the traveler’s mobile.

attract more tourists with tablet

Inflight Website

A comprehensive brand experience adapted to onboard entertainment systems

  • Content marketing.
  • Sponsored articles and product reviews.
  • Product catalogs, event programs, restaurant menus.
  • Multimedia content: Videogames, movies, magazines, quizzes, demos, and more.
Engage even more travelers with inflight advertising

Banners & Video Ads

Boost your visibility in partnership with IMM International

  • Your page or mini-website in the destination guide can become landing pages with a large choice of inflight digital ads.
  • 100% guaranteed impressions. Not affected by Adblockers.
  • Pay per display (CPM).
  • Engage even more travelers.
attract more tourists with inflight advertising
attract more tourists with destination guides

Your leads will get all the information to come directly to you!

Where do you want to redirect them?

Engage even more travelers with call to action

To your property

A geomap drives your customers to the address you define. Use a coupon or special offer to leverage the conversion.

To your e-commerce or mobile app

Your call-to-action redirects the passenger on your website, checkout page or app-download link.

Calculate your targeted audience in 1min!

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