Our partners

A marketing and digital agency providing global service. With their 30 years experience in the advertising field, BITComunicación is a safe bet for advertisers.

A media agency belonging to Omnicom group. They are growing stronger everyday with their determined objective of developing their customers’ business by sticking to an innovative mindset.

A traditional and digital marketing agency based in Romania. They specialize in the conception and creation of innovative campaigns focused on the success of its client.

Our Austrian partner specializing in in-transit media. Clients benefit from a full service: from the planning through the design and the implementation of the campaign.

Peeks is the digital subsidiary of France publishing. Its expertise is mainly on and offline advertising, edition of guides and magazines, as well as Branding. It also advises businesses and local communities on their communication strategies. Peeks operates in France, United Kingdom and the USA.


“We have been setting up XPlore’s sponsored inflight microsites on behalf of various customers now. The creation of the microsite is self-explanatory and very easy, thanks to the PXCom solution. The integration of the microsite within the destination guide section offers advertisers the possibility for destination targeting in the IFE. By adding transaction-related elements, like downloadable voucher codes, advertisers are able to generate leads directly from the aircraft. Also, the reporting backend is swift and easy and provides all relevant KPIs that the advertising industry asks for.”

Christian SZABO

CEO, LASKER Cross Media (Salzbourg, Austria)

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