Inflight Advertising to skyrocket your digital marketing campaigns

Designed and developed for Marketing Tourism professionals, PXCom solutions fit perfectly your Digital Marketing Strategy. Bundled with social networks* and your web/mobile communication*, this tool will allow you a cross-channel action in order to increase your customer journey impact.

*In partnership with IMM International


Calculate your targeted audience in 1min!

Target millions of qualified tourists flying everyday on the world’s top airlines

Digital inflight Campaigns on top airlines
digital marketing con seatback screens, IFE and mobiles

Our credentials

Provide a premium and captive audience to your strategies. Regardless of the budget size!

A great campaign in mind?


The best channels to engage air travelers

Be part of their trip

destination guide

Engage even more travelers guide

During the flight, travelers connects for free to the inflight destination guide.

There they view your promotional page as a “must do” at destination and download your offers on their own mobile device.

Engage even more travelers with a call to action

Your leads are ready to complete the conversion wherever you want:

  • On your campaign landing page (call-to-action button)
  • At your clients’ property (coupon or downloadable offer)


  • Fully updatable content (slideshow, video, descriptions, prices, etc.)
  • Multilingual versions
  • Downloadable offer (swicth between call-to-action and coupon formats)
  • Fully integrated to your online & offline marketing campaigns
  • No third-party ads on their page
  • Viewing stats and leads report in real time
Deliver a full brand experience


Your content is adapted to all onboard entertainment platforms and flawless streamed thanks to our multimedia servers installed in each plane.

A powerful marketing tool

  • Lead generator: booking request and downloadable coupons.
  • Click & Delivery for e-commerce
  • On the ground interaction (upon inflight connectivity availability) for live stock checking

Limitless possibilities

  • Content marketing for travelers.
  • Sponsored articles and product reviews.
  • Catalogs, event programs, menus.
  • Multimedia: Videogames, video, magazines, quizzes, demos, and more.


  • Fully bespoke design.
  • Fully updatable content.
  • Onboard call-to-action download or e-mailing upon arrival at destination.
  • Multilingual versions.
  • Customized KPIs and more.
Boost your visibility

Banners & Video Ads

In partnership with IMM International
Engage even more travelers advertising

Manage your inflight digital advertising campaign thanks to AirSAS, our ad-serving solution, jointly developed with IMM International

Link it to a landing page, a microsite or a page in the destination guide.


  • Full IAB compliance (static and native fluid, VAST format…)
  • 100% viewable. Not affected by adblockers.
  • Programatic advertising
  • Metrics
Banner ads inflight IFE seatback screens and mobiles
banner IFE advertising screens seatcback and mobiles
full video ads inflight

Why should you integrate PXCom in your media planning?

The best segmentation

Imagine all your perfect audience gathered in one place for several hours. They have time, a budget and are looking for experiences. How could you miss this opportunity? Discover our Partners’ Program

Mobile based communication

Mobile marketing is the most influential media in the traveler journey. Join the revolution.

Great product support

Let’s design your campaign together. We will share with you our expertise on digital inflight marketing.
Digital inflight advertising
digital marketing campaign dashboard

Easier than ever

Create and update your campaigns in a few clicks, publish them once and be displayed on multiple airlines!

Open up new possibilities

Inflight media provide you an important source of revenue and creative opportunities.

Measure everything

Thanks to AirSAS’ back-office, drive your views, average session, CTR and ROI.
digital marketing campaign dashboard

Calculate your targeted audience in 1min!

With our simulator