How to attract tourists
on your theme park
with inflight advertising?

Gain visitors and boost the number of visits to your park!


At PXCom, promoting your leisure park through digital advertising on airlines is our specialty!
It is an efficient way to stand out from the competition and attract thousands of tourists to you! Passengers on board visit our digital guide and they are expecting offers and local experience to prepare their stay at the destination.

“Passengers are traveling on average from 2 to 4 hours and are totally available! They have time and attention, essential elements to catch your ad and information.”

This is an exceptional opportunity to get attention and new customers!

By joining PXCom, you enjoy an easy and efficient solution to introduce your amusement park to them and satisfy their leisure desires!

” Is onboard advertising accessible? SURE!

Very easy to use, our solution allows you to control your content with our step-by-step guide and to choose target cities!

Off-peak period ? Promote your amusement park and take the opportunity to announce your annual events: Christmas, Easter, Park Anniversary … Make a competitive force out of the low season.

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Get listed in the airlines’ travel guide of:

And target more
149 millions
potential customers

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How to advertise in planes?

Define your goals with our marketing experts and target your audience.

Broadcast your in-flight advertising and shop news: Plan easily all year round !

Your ad is being watched by potential customers that you choose. You will gain visibility and will grow revenue !

Your goals, our solutions.

They trust us!

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