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Have a break, have a TOTEC!


“Whether it is for a private or a professional trip, the traveler wants a personalized, rich and fluid process. To better be in the interests of the customer, collaborator and companies, Business Travel and Leisure players will have to make the technology transparent, offer a friction-free experience and make real time a unit of time.”

Frédéric Vanhoutte, Eventiz Media Group President


The TOTEC, who has become a major event in the Tourism and Digital industry, celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Cambon Capucines Pavillon in Paris and gathered around 600 Tourism, business travel and digital players.

Decision-makers, start-ups and innovative companies were at the fair to deal with the future of the travel experience and dive into the new usages that will build tomorrow’s world. Between conferences and networking moments, let’s have a look back at this very disruptive day.


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TOTEC 2018: the new technologies in the interests of the travel experience


The traveler, business or regular, sees his experience being transformed under the impact of the new technologies and his growing demand concerning the services made available. Step by step, high-level speakers shared their expertise on the future of travel experience and bring a new look by highlighting the travel essence…

Emmanuel Vivier, Hub Institute co-founder, came back to the artificial intelligence and its great impact on travel, and mostly how AI will transform the traveler’s experience. Coupled with data, platforms and API, AI would make a real added value, would allow professionals to gain in efficiency throughout the selling process. Moreover, it could make the transport more fluid, optimize the at-destination services but also improve the customer service.


 “AI isn’t a full-technology, but a combination of technologies and tools practical to many possibilities (virtual assistant, visualization, IoT, machine learning, modeling). Within the framework, the artificial intelligence holds a more and more important place in the transformation of the tourism industry. From the optimization to the booking process until the customer service management, AI finds its place in each step of the tourism value chain”.

Emmanuel Vivier, Hub Institute, TOTEC 2018


Charles Petruccelli, American Express Global Business Travel former world president, addressed the transformation of the distribution and the disruptive element, for him is the NDC (New Distribution Capability) norm. “On the pretext of wanting to give access to more offers, it is only a way to take control of the distribution.” What are the consequences for the customers? Higher and more opaque prices. The major risk relies on the cybercrime. “Data in now everywhere and companies collect a huge amount of data every year.” For this speaker, what makes the strengths of the market today isn’t the ability to innovate but to improve the quality of the services and reinforce the customer relationship.

Caroline Camilli-Gay, SITA Program Manager, presented the future of airport passengers. Every year, nearly 4 billion passengers are transported in the world and the industry’s professionals expect twice more within 2020. To make this stream more fluid, Caroline presented SITA’s Next project and their Single Travel Token, or the travelers’ digital identity based on the biometric recognition and the robotics development.