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Amsterdam is one of the fastest growing destinations in the world. The State Statistical Office records more than 30 million overnight stays every year. Amsterdam magnetism reaches every continent even though 70% of visitors come from Europe.

A lot of business visitors come to Amsterdam to attend to conventions and to many other industry events, which the capital is filled with.

Amsterdam Marketing identified four visitor profiles that, together, represent 80% of visitors to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: Citytrippers, Dutch Same-day visitors, Coastal visitors, Conference attendees.Tourists and Business travellers flying on our partner airlines represent highly qualified clients.

Key stats

An average of 4-day stay

9 out of 10 passengers affirm planning a large part of their stay while flying or once arrived at destination.

37% of stays in Amsterdam are business related

City trippers come with an average of 4 friends

Amsterdam Marketing

Culture, nightlife & entertainment

For about two thirds of city trippers those are the most important reasons for visiting Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Marketing


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