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The ad market so far

  • Digital media saturation bundled with ad-blocking reduce dramatically the visibility and the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Mobile devices have become the main traveler companion.
  • The inflight ad market so far was expansive and limited to magazine and pre-roll videos without any targeting capability.

Our solution

  • One single platform to load, launch and monitor easily your campaigns on airlines.
  • Affordable prices that fits every business size.
  • A mobile-based communication with your target.
  • Metrics to drive your ROIs and campaigns.

An engineer and a marketer are on a plane…

In 2013, PXCom founders, Olivier and Cyril started a new era in the travel marketing industry: A new inflight communication standard allowing to Marketing Professionals and Advertising Managers to publish their digital content on the most important airlines.

Our values

Friendly technology makers. Apex Cool Awards Winners in 2016!

We push innovation. Because we enjoy it.

Traveler centric. We deliver the right content in the right context.

Inflight advertising experts

“Like you, at PXCom we are all excited to connect with travelers to provide them better experiences. It is time to meet each other.”

Inflight advertising experts apex

Worldwide leader in inflight digital content

With nearly 50 million of inflight users, PXCom collects the most important database of information for e-tourism industry and travel organisations

Proud member of

The Airline Passenger Experience Association

Speaker at the Passenger Experience Conference

PXCom stands for: Passenger eXperience & Communications

And that is what we work on every day!

Cyril JEAN

Cyril JEAN


Cyril has always created and directed organizations which bring strong added-value to the high tech sectors. His passion for travels, and new cultures discovery, led him naturally to merge tourism, aviation, and technology in a sole company.

Skills: An effective blend of marketing & tech knowledge – told to be a good DeeJay

Olivier HÉLIOT

Olivier HÉLIOT


Tech-savvy from his very beginnings, Olivier has quickly become the essential technical manager in several high-tech companies.
He has managed several teams of experts in software and hardware design.

Skills: Multi-sciences advanced knowledge, thinks always out-of-the-box

Adelaïde Chauvineau

Adelaïde Chauvineau

Product Owner and Project Manager

Project management, UX tests and user interfaces are no secret to Adelaide, with more than 15 years of professional experience.

Skills: UX’ Ninja and Gantt chart master 🙂

Pacôme BARRY

Pacôme BARRY


Geek, in the lofty way! Graduated in embedded systems, his portfolio is really impressive: software development, hardware design and telecommunications.

Skills: Multipurpose engineer, French fries expert




With his wide range of software skills, Ken has always been involved in various projects: aeronautics, telecommunications and automotive systems.

Skills: Remains calm even under pressure, board games with friends

Christophe MOLLARET

Christophe MOLLARET


A robotic doctor specializing in signal processing and optimization, Christophe brings his expertise on research and development.

Skills: the hyperactive of the band, cellist in his lost hours



International Sales Manager

With one foot in Spain and the other in our headquarters, he monitors the evolutions of spanish tourism and marketing sectors. He likes to travel and discover the rare gems in each destination.

Skills: Marketing strategies and a certain exotic cocktail.



Customer Acquisition Manager

With a specialization in Web Analytics and Digital Marketing, he brings his good mood to carry out the PXCom’s webmarketing strategy.

Skills: Growth Hacking & Content Marketing. A great wine lover

Margot Roux

Margot Roux

Content and UX Manager

She holds a master’s degree in digital strategy, specializing in growth hacking and audiovisual creation.

Skills: Adobe Creative XD & Creative Thinking,

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