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Which European country has the longest holidays?

This Top 8 reviews the 2018 holidays length of each European country, the European average being 78 days. Let’s find out which countries have the longest holidays in Europe!


#1 Bulgaria — 104 days

bulgaria tourism sofia capital photo

Sofia, Bulgaria // Credit: GetbyBus


Far ahead of the other European countries, Bulgaria counts more than 3 months of holidays! That is to say, ¼ of the year is holidays. Bulgarians have a lot of opportunities to travel across the globe 😉


#2 Romania — 91 days

romania brasov city tourism landscape photo

Brasov, Romania // Credit: emerging-europe.com


In second place we have Bulgaria’s neighbor: Romania, with 91 days. Maybe these 2 countries teamed up to be on the #1 and #2 spots for the longest holidays in Europe, everything is possible…



#3 Portugal — 88 days

lisbon portugal capital tourism photo landscape city

Lisbon, Portugal // Credit: Hello Magazine


Let’s travel to Western Europe now with Portugal closing the podium with 88 days. Did you know Spain is their favorite destination? Well, now you do. You’re welcome.



#4 Italy — 87 days

venice italy roma city tourism landscape photo

Venice, Italy // Credit: CNN


Almost in the podium is Italy with only one day of holidays less than Portugal — 87 days. Sorry Italy, we feel sad about you.



#5 Estonia — 86 days

tallinn estonia capital city tourism photo landscape

Tallinn, Estonia // Credit: Caraota Digital


The 5th place is in Northern Europe with Estonia — 86 days, still pretty good.



#6 Greece — 85 days

greece santorini photo city sea sun tourism landscape

Santorini, Greece // Credit: Journeys with Heart


And in 6th place is… Greece! With 85 days of holidays, one day less than Estonia. Greek have a lot of free-time to enjoy its beautiful turquoise seasides.



#7 Montenegro — 84 days

montenegro lake photo tourism landscape

Kotor Bay, Montenegro // Credit: Artheau Aviation


We now have Montenegro in 7th place, and almost 3 months of holidays. That’s 18 days less than Bulgaria, but they still have room for traveling.


#8 Spain, Poland and Switzerland — 83 days

warsaw tourism poland monument city landscape photo madrid spain zurich switzerland cities europe

Madrid, Spain / Warsaw, Poland / Zurich, Switzerland // Credit: BBC, Events Travel, Barnes Suisse


And in 8th place we don’t only have one country, but 3 countries: Spain, Poland and Switzerland, with 83 days. We’ll let you choose which one is your favorite to visit…

Spain and Switzerland can enjoy traveling around the world, particularly in Italy, their favorite destination (11% for Spanish tourists and 25% for Swiss tourists).


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