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When people think about tourism, they are likely to imagine a perfect balance between relax and pleasant activities for their bodies. In one word: wellness, and you will agree that well-being is necessarily related to health.

In these years when productivity comes first, working people is realizing that holidays season is when they really can focus on taking care of themselves.



Medical tourism: live more, live better

This global awareness has raised huge markets around wellness such as: healthy food, fitness chains, spas, yoga retreats, and so on.

In the main travel destinations, all of those business have taken an important place in the tourism economy, but what about the real specialist in health: doctors?



Health is wealth

Why healthcare centers are not in the list of places to visit?
It is because the concept of their services and facilities remain related to pain. In that case, a gym is also a place dedicated to physical pain. Aha! So, it is a matter of creating a stimulating atmosphere and promoting the recognition of the benefits. Both of them means HEALTH MARKETING.

If you run a medical service in a tourism destination, good news! The market is there and it is huge. According to a recent research, medical tourism represents USD 439 billion, and the annual grow rate is estimated to 25% for the next 10 years.

Not impressed enough? At least 3% of the world’s population will take a flight to other country for health-related travel.

Do not limit the medical tourism to illness treatments, take into account that preventive care is equally important so you can consider every tourist as a potential patient.



Paradise, please

According to the research, the top medical destinations for Americans are: Canada, UK, Israel, Singapore and India.

What if tourists receive an invitation for a full health check-up in a wonderful place? No matter the discomfort, there they will immediately feel better there, for sure!

There are 3 main criteria to work on in order to climb positions in the ranking, to which I would add the last one:

  • Destination environment
  • Medical Tourism Industry
  • Quality of Facilities and Services
  • Competitive prices

medical tourism trends 2017 figures

Comparing the ranks of the most popular destinations and their position in the top medical tourism ranking we will see that marketing managers in those countries are sitting on a gold mine.

medical tourism Of course, it needs a consistent strategy that involves all players in the local ecosystem.

For example, we found very promising initiatives in Spain:

In all Spain: Spaincares
In Barcelona: Barcelona Medical Agency
In Mallorca: Mallorcare

Soon, tourist will consider the proximity of a medical service as an important criterion in the selection of their next vacation spot.



Travel and health are friends

Once your city has reunited the 4 previously mentioned criteria you will need to spread the word, so I wanted to finish this post with some inspiration.

Remember that a good offer is not enough, your advertising campaign must be creative. Let’s put in mind of tourists that taking care of their health in holidays is a good plan. Make your audience feel the benefits!

medical tourism advertising
“Don’t hide from summer”

medical tourism advertising

Have a good season! and Check out our recent article on medical tourism from 2018 !