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SITA: major “Passengers IT Trends” of 2017

SITA, one of the IT world leader for aeronautics, has released its 12thPassengers IT Trends” issue. It is a comprehensive study that highlights the digital touchpoints throughout the journey.

PXCom has backlogged the last 4 SITA annual reports which highlight how fast the inflight experience has digitized.

It took less than 3 years to welcome wide-digital adoption onboard

2014 SITA’s IT trend survey mentioned that “should passenger be allowed to use their device onboard, 54% of them would use it for inflight entertainment purpose”

2015: Digital starts a significant onboarding

2014’s expectations have rapidly grown in 2015. Thanks to EASA & FAA PED-ban lift, 2015 was the year when everyone witnessed BYOD authorized onboard. During this year:

  • 67% of passengers want to access to inflight entertainment with their own device
  • 60% expect live flight information (arrival terminal, connecting flights, destination information)


2016: The lack of inflight entertainment is offset by “Bring Your Own Entertainment”

  • Same expectation as previous year regarding BYOD (Bring Your On Device) inflight entertainment access: 65%
  • 46% use their own content on their device for inflight entertainment purpose.


2017: Technology to meet passengers’ expectations by bringing new opportunities

Covering 7,000+ respondents over 17 countries throughout the world, this year survey reveals a new passenger expectation:

  • 61% of them recognize using their own device during the flight (32% CAGR vs 2016)
  • 93% of them would like to have a digital onboard concierge, to book a taxi, check-in the hotel, buy destination activities tickets…

Beyond being receptive to destination offers, passengers have set them as a must-have onboard.

Sita Survey 2017 with pxcom analyse inflight

What about next year?

A cross-study of the last 4 SITA’s reports clearly reveals that traveler’s expectations are an ever-expanding field, and without surprise, passengers want to find onboard what they are used to find on the ground. The word currently on every mouth is “Personalization”

The rapid expansion of the connectivity, as well as inflight digital capabilities, will soon allow a fully personalized journey, meeting this new expectation…and bringing new opportunities!

Click here for full SITA report