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Inflight banners: huge impact and efficiency

One of our latest customers, Catatur, the famous Spanish mobile app dedicated to spotting the best food & beverage producers in Spain, has recently ordered one of our bundled inflight offer, its promotional page in the Do&See section of PXCom’s inflight destination guide and a banner located in the destination’s home page redirecting directly to its page.

A quick focus on Barcelona shows that, currently the passengers that fly to Barcelona, spend an average of 21 minutes browsing the inflight destination guide. Among the 14,000+ passengers who browsed our guide between Dec 1st, 2017 and Jan 31st, 2018, 433 unique users clicked on the banners and viewed the page. Compared to that, the second point of interest listed in the guide has been seen only 128 times, which is nearly 3.5 time less that Catatur’s.

An outstanding CTR to inflight banners

inflight banner infographic

A rapid calculation leads to a brilliant 3.09% click through rate (CTR)! According to Smart Insights last report issued in January this year, the latest average CTR for Facebook, Twitter and Google merely surpassed 0.05% in 2017. A 6x boost factor mainly due to the fact that inflight passengers are a captive audience, looking for insights that will enlighten their journey at destination.

The inflight Wi-Fi portal advertising opportunities offer 5 tremendous advantages” according to Jean-Marc Chevassus (Managing Director Inflight Media Digital) :

  • The attention of the very selective air travelers audience
  • The targeting of both language and airport destination
  • The high caution of the airlines
  • The impact of the interactive ad format
  • The context of the journalistic content

Of course the specific targeting and the interactivity of the media answer to most of the advertising needs of the brands but they now also represent a new information source for the travelers at the very peak moment of their journey”.