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During the last festive season, 500+ thousands of passengers flew and could enjoy PXCom’s interactive destination guides on their IFE (Inflight Entertainment system). Here are some numbers with these infographics:

Festive Season 2016 infography digital advertising inflight pxcom

Our platform was used in the top wold’s airlines in Europe.

Since all our solutions integrate full tracking system in order to analyze passenger’s behavior, we are glad to share this first of its kind infographics.

In consistence with Bexit’s impact on UK tourism, many passenger considered London during their holiday. Not surprisingly “bars & nightlife” section was a hit just before New Years Eve!

PXCom guide’s popularity is also increasing since the average time spent raised from 10 to 12 minutes in a few months, for an average flight duration of…1h40!

The advertising in the plane participates in the trends of the tourist marketing for 2017.

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