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It’s the most visited city in Germany and the number one conference location in Europe. Also, Berlin is one of the fastest growing destinations in the world.

The State Statistical Office records more than 30 million overnight stays every year. Berlin magnetism reaches every continent even though 70% of visitors come from Europe. Beyond the business & research opportunities travellers can find in Berlin, people also come to visit it’s cultural landmarks & innovative buildings. Indeed, tourists coming to Berlin can enjoy the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Television Tower, the Berlin Cathedral, the museum Island & a lot more of course.

Digital Inflight Advertising can be really beneficial for berliner tourism stakeholders trying to gain visibility, leads and clients.

Key stats

Foreign visitors: 45.6% of all overnight stays

This number increased by 4% compared to the last year

Berlin Statistics Office, 2017

An average of 6-day stay

German National Tourist Board

Daily expenditure per tourist: 98€

Conferences attendees spend more than double: 275€/day.

German National Tourist Board

Berlin meetings and conventions market increased +163%, 2001-2016.


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